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Link exchange improves your link popularity and shoots your website to the top of the search engines' results pages. Unfortunately, exchanging links manually is difficult and time-consuming. Quality relevant link exchange partners are not easy to find, and you may spend hundreds of hours to exchange just a few relevant links. Links-Pal has the solution: join our automatic link exchange program, and exchange relevant links while you sleep! The program is free.

1. Sign Up With Links-Pal

All you need is a website that supports php, a valid email address, a password, and two minutes of your time. That's it!

2. Add & Configure Websites

You can add as many website as you want! Each website needs a title, a description, and a few keyword-rich phrases.

3. Upload Our Code

For each website you add, we will provide a small file you need to upload on the hosting server, and link to it.

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Link Exchange (which is also known as reciprocal link exchange, link swap, exchanging links etc.) is the simplest way to improve your website's link popularity, and by doing so to achieve better search engine positioning. Building link popularity through link exchange means finding link exchange partners who are willing to add a link pointing to your website in exchange to a link pointing to their website. It is an Internet implementation of the principle "you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours".

Although all incoming links are valuable, it is important to find link exchange partners among websites that offer a good match with the theme and content of your own website. The partners' website's themes or topics are the first criteria to consider, because search engines give more "weight" to a link from a website that has a similar topic to yours. Websites with themes or topics that are related to your website's theme should be considered as your main link exchange partners.

Establishing a link partnership with another website may appear to visitors as an "association" between the links exchange partners. It is therefore important that you only "associate" with high-quality, credible websites. Exchanging links with poor-quality or low-content website may harm your image.

The main goal of Links-Pal is to help you exchange links automatically with the most appropriate link partners possible. The categorization of our automatic link exchange directory places your website on pages with links to websites with similar topics to yours.

Being a human-reviewed system, Links-Pal accepts only high-quality websites. Exchanging links with these websites will add value to yours, and will enrich your visitors' surfing experience.

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